Digital Cable Descrambler

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Can you buy a digital cable descrambler?

Your cable company, of course, uses a descrambler to charge you for pay per view and subscription channels. But the question you are wanting answered is: can you do this yourself with some sort of device that can’t be detected by your cable company?


Before I answer that question, I want to be sure we are using the same terminology: A descrambler is not a filter. Nor is it a digital filter/descrambler. These items filter frequencies; they don’t descramble them. These are not illegal items to sell or own. They had a legitimate purpose at one time to improve picture quality—they were simply called high pass filters, not digital cable filters. Also eBay does not permit the sale of any hardware or information that promotes the theft of cable television (strictly prohibited per eBay’s cable blackbox policies). So I cannot discuss any illegal devices in this report.

But yes, digital descramblers do exist and a true descrambler works the same as your cable company’s descrambler box. A few people have tried to sell a ready-made descrambler on the black market, but they haven’t lasted for long. They are illegal as hell.

If you are caught stealing cable TV we are talking about $10,000+ fines and prison time.


The odd thing about bombs and descramblers is that you can find information on how to build them—but they are illegal to build. You would have to be extremely—and I mean extremely—electronically talented—and find the parts—to build one—and there is still no guarantee the cable companies would not figure out how to detect it tomorrow.

With the new anti-theft technology in the new high definition boxes it is nearly impossible to beat the system. For all intents and purposes it will be impossible. Stealing cable TV is a thing of the past. To beat the new HD boxes, you’d have to be an expert electronics engineer and probably lucky too.

Don’t do it! It isn’t worth it!