Cable Box Reset Instructions

What to know about digital cable box reset instructions

Three of the four scams above (the Digital Cable Filter, the Digital DCH, and the Lockout Buster), in addition to having numerous faults, tell you to “reset” your cable box so the Pay per View programming you have watched is deleted from your box’s memory.

Do these reset instructions actually work? I don’t think anybody knows a definitive answer to this question for each and every cable box and set of reset instructions, but I do know that numerous people who have tried to reset their cable box have been unsuccessful in doing so. So even if a digital cable filter, Digital DCH, and/or lockout buster actually worked, many people would not be able to rest their cable boxes anyway. Some of the reset techniques are so complex that they actually require two people to pull it off! And often times there is no way to know for sure if your “reset” has been successful. Suffice it to say, it appears as though many of the reset instructions simply don’t work for a great number of people. There is also a popular myth being propagated on the Internet that cable companies poll boxes on the 3rd,17th, and the 22nd of each month. This is simply NOT TRUE. Numerous cable providers exist in the United States. And they all have different polling procedures and dates. The fact is, your cable provider can poll your digital cable box at ANY TIME!


But here’s the real kicker: It really doesn’t matter even if your reset instructions actually do reset your cable box! Because digital cable is a two-way medium, the cable company KNOWS when you reset your box. They might go along with this the first couple of times, but once you’ve reset your box too many times, they may call you to ask what’s going on. Who knows, the Cable Box Police may even show up at your door. And if nothing else, they’ll probably require you to swap cable boxes for “one that is working correctly.” Even worse, in reality they’ll probably know exactly what you’ve been up to. Do you want your own cable company to be suspicious of your activities?

Note: If you ever decide to purchase your own cable box instead of renting one from the cable company, make sure you contact your cable provider and ask them if they allow this. Many won’t, and more and more are getting on the bandwagon. If you buy a cable box of your own and your cable provider refuses to activate it, you’ve now got a worthless box.

Bottom line: Resetting your cable box, whether it actually works or not, is a BAD IDEA.