Descramble Digital Cable

Is It possible?

The new “Lockout Buster” — Does this thing descramble digital cable?

descramble digital cable

Lockout Buster pictured with digital cable filter.

Here’s a product called the “Lockout Buster.” The manufacturer claims it will work on 80% of digital cable networks.

How does the manufacturer claim this product works? It is attached to your cable in addition to a standard digital cable filter. Here is verbiage straight from the manufacturer:

”Our proprietary circuit design will allow your cable converter to appear as though it is communicating back to the cable so your cable provider doesn’t send the kill signal to your box. It will also send small (needed) bits of data to your cable converter to allow it operate as though it is receiving cable company data. Since your cable converter is receiving these bits of data it will not shut itself down. Unfortunately due to the proprietary nature of this circuit design we can not get more technical on exactly how it is done. We didn’t believe ourselves until we saw it in action.”

Does this remind you at all of the Digital DCH? Does it really descramble digital cable? Here’s how this scam works: Because this product is used in CONJUNCTION with a digital cable filter, you of course will not be billed for Pay per View programming. But it’s just the digital cable filter that is not allowing the viewing to go through. What effect is the lockout buster actually having? It’s hard to say for sure, since the manufacturer is very cautious about giving out information about this product (believe me, I asked repeated questions and was met with a brick wall).


But no matter what this device does, here’s why it cannot possibly work: Digital cable boxes are highly sophisticated devices. They are capable of being programmed in a variety of ways, and they can be uniquely set up to work with a great variety of cable providers in the United States. All providers configure the boxes differently! When cable companies “poll” your cable box, they are able to receive all kinds of data back from it. In order for this device to actually work, the “lockout buster” would have to be capable of mimicking all the sophisticated, complex functionality of your digital cable box itself. In essence, this device would have to be able to respond to your cable provider exactly like your box itself does! But that’s just the beginning. This device would have to be able to respond like ALL of the digital cable boxes on the market, no matter what make, model, and manufacturer — no matter how the box was programmed!

Now, do you believe this little device is capable of responding exactly like every brand of digital cable box? OF COURSE NOT! Whatever this device actually does (if anything), it’s possible you might get away with using it for a while, but it’s nothing different from getting away with using a digital cable filter for a while. Sooner or later your cable company is going to send your box some type of polling signal and your lockout buster will not respond in the right way if it can even respond at all (and because your regular old digital cable filter is still blocking communication with the cable network your digital cable box is incapable of responding as well). It won’t take long for your cable company to be on to you and shut down your cable television services. And remember, your Pay per View bills are all still in your box’s memory. You stand to get a huge bill if you ask the cable company for help unless you are successful in resetting your box (which is also a bad idea, see below). Not to mention you may now face very large fines and even prison time for attempting to steal cable television services.

How does the manufacturer get away with selling this device? Well this one is quite clever:

1. Just like sellers of the digital cable filter, this device comes with only a 30 day money back guarantee. How will you possibly know within the first 30 days if this device actually works or not? Because you are using a digital cable filter you will not be billed for your Pay per View programming. But does that mean this device is actually doing anything? Of course not. It’s unlikely the cable company will “lock down” your box within the first 30 days of using these devices together either. And that, my friend, leaves you completely in the dark as to whether this lockout buster device is doing anything at all. There is simply no way to know!

2. In addition to only offering a 30 day money back guarantee, the manufacturer of this device says they have tested the device on many different digital cable systems, and that it works on roughly 80% of them. Well that’s a nice convenient number. That means it DOESN’T work for one in five buyers! If anybody who buys this device from them ever has a problem, gets a bill, or gets their box locked down, the manufacturer can simply state that “you must have fallen into the 20% of people that this device does not work for.” How convenient.

Would you install a device like this knowing that it must work in harmony with a digital cable filter that you already know is a scam? Would you install a device that (according to the manufacturer) has a 1 in 5 chance of failing? Would you install a device that you can’t return after 30 days if you find out it doesn’t work? By my count that’s three red flags and only 1 device. Get the picture?