Digital Cable Box Descrambler

I hope you have enjoyed my report about the digital cable filter scam and other blackbox scams. Remember, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Here are 4 comments from a forum of real people. If my report is not enough to convince you, trust me you’ll be convinced when you read the real world experiences of the many forum users.

XXXFriday, December 31, 2004
help, how do i clear the memory on a ——?

XXXWednesday, January 26, 2005
Has anyone successfully reset an ——- box? Nothing I try seems to work.

XXXSunday, January 30, 2005 I
I have a —— and have been experimenting on how to reset the memory, but have been unsuccessful.  If anyone knows how, could they please e-mail it to me. 


DuhThursday, January 27, 2005  
One word people.  SCAM!

It is pretty futile to ask these questions since the cable company provisions the digital cable box based on its unique serial number which is why it is pretty difficult to just buy one of these boxes, hook them up, and work.  This ain’t analog which is straight forward RF.  And what kind of scam is this "digital filter" biz?


PPV and other premium services on the digital cable box are all software authorized and not scrambled in the old analog way.  A digital
signal can be keyed and encrypted similar to the content of most movie DVDs.  With digital boxes, it is tied to each boxes serial number.

Good luck trying to hack your away around this system or buying "digital scammer" products which likely won’t work or will fail

the next time a firmware update is automatically sent.

In closing, let me just say that a funny thing has happened with this report.  Many people have read it, and despite the overwhelming facts that digital cable filters are a scam, they either purchase one anyway, or continue to use the one they already own.  They’ll all be VERY, VERY sorry believe me.  If my report and the above user forum are still not enough, then read what MSNBC has to say about this topic (text of article at end of this report).

I hope you’ve found my report informative, I hope I’ve saved you from falling for the digital cable filter SCAM and other cable blackbox Internet scams, and most of all I hope I’ve SAVED YOU MONEY

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